Martin Kližan
Pro tennis player
"Challenge me to a match"
Martin Kližan
国家: 斯洛伐克
Date of birth: 11.07.1989
Place of birth: Bratislava
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Singles tournament titles: St. Petersburg 2012, Munich 2014, Casablanca 2015, Rotterdam 2016, Hamburg 2016
Highest ATP singles ranking: 24
ATP Newcomer of the Year 2012
2006 French Open junior singles champion

I started playing tennis at home in Bratislava as a three-year-old with my father Milan and the success came gradually. I was the tennis Talent of the Year in Slovakia in 2005 when I won the European Championship under 16 title. The following year I won the junior grand slam tournament French Open. I have won five singles and four doubles tournaments on the ATP World Tour circuit in my career so far and I have never been beaten in a final. I have won ten singles titles on the ATP Challenger and Futures circuits. In the ATP ranking I have been ranked as high as 24 in singles in April 2015 and 73 in doubles in May 2015. Since the end of 2015 I have been coached by former Slovak tennis player Martin Hromec. My specific feature is that I play left-handed.


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  • 不能以没有注意规则作为借口
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  • 对违反规则的惩罚方式和程度由游戏管理员决定
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  • 为了获得另一位用户的账号密码,或者破坏另一位玩家正常游戏而进行欺诈行为。
  • 滥用游戏和规则中的任何错误和缺陷
  • 随意翻阅网页,制造、使用或者散播使游戏自动化的申请,(除非被创造者允许)
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  • 尝试盗取或者破坏PowerPlay Manager LTD的财产或者鼓吹他人这样做
  • 推广或以其他方式宣传在线游戏(在达成协议后,将给予 support@tennismania.com的奖励)
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  • to encourage other users to do things which are in violation of the rules of the game
  • 使用一个低俗或者反动的球员名字。
  • 放入某些未经版权所有人允许的文本,图片或其他内容
  • 放入某些可能冒犯其他用户的文本,图片或其他内容
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  • to cheat in any way with the purpose of gaining referrals, including encouraging people with no intention of playing the game to create an account with the purpose of gaining a referral
  • to abuse the option to report inappropriate posts in chat
  • to talk about politics or religion in chat
  • to post any kind of advertising in chat
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